2024 Auction Open

★ The 2024 LiFT 4 Autism Auction is OPEN for Bidding ★

🕰 Bidding ends SUNDAY 5pm EST for the first time, instead of Friday 🎈Catalogue here:https://event.auctria.com/55249729-e512-4efd-a034-266c8f7a8b7d/ 🌏 International Catalog: https://bit.ly/Lift2024IntlItems ❣️Still accepting bookish donations: https://bit.ly/LiftDonationItem2024 ★And if you don’t win your bid or don’t want to bid, here are other ways to be involved: ★ Tax-Deductible Donation: https://bit.ly/Lift2024Donation ★ Merch: https://lift4autism.creator-spring.com/ ★ All funds go directly […]

LIFT 4 Autism 2024 Kick-Off News 

LIFT 4 Autism 2024 Kick-Off News 
We are so excited to announce the Ninth Annual LIFT 4 Autism Campaign!
Once again, we are partnering with KultureCity, a national organization serving the autism community. Once again, funds donated will assist families with support therapy, services and medical expenses.