#ActuallyAutistic Voices

The LIFT Team really wanted to amplify #actuallyautistic voices this year in the LiFT 4 Autism Campaign. It’s so important, especially for a community in which many of the folks are limited in how they can speak, that we HEAR from people who are autistic. Over the course of April, which is Autism Acceptance Month, we heard from some amazing autistic folks. Autism is a spectrum condition. There are Autistic individuals who require around-the-clock supervision and support systems, and will most likely, never live independently. And there are Autistic folks who self-advocate, live fully independent lives, and are wives, moms and bestselling authors like Chloe Liese and Talia Hibbert, who were gracious enough to share their voices with us this year. We were also lucky to hear from 16-year-old Carson, who found a unique way to communicate with the world. All of these experiences and iterations of Autism are valid and vibrant and beautiful. We want to make room for and appreciate the infinite ways Autistic folks are remarkable. We hope you enjoy hearing from the community you are supporting.

Please enjoy the videos below: