Bidding Has Closed – You Can Still Buy Lift Gear or Make A Donation!

So you won something in the Auction?


So what now?

1. Winning Bidders should have received an email notifying them of what they won and the balance owed.

2. In that email, there is a link for you to pay for the item.

Click that link to pay. It will take you to a Kulture City DONATE page. Use the “OTHER” button to input the total balance owed. (If that link glitches, just use this one:

Once you have paid, you should receive a receipt by email. Keep this for your records. Do not delete.

3. Any bids not paid by Sunday at 1pm EST will default to the next highest bidder.

* Your payments go DIRECTLY to Kulture City, so we will confirm with them that payment has been made. Only once we have confirmed the bid has been paid will we contact the donor and ask them to send the item you won.

If you did not win your bid, you can still support LIFT through:

Thank you for all your support and enthusiasm. If you have questions, we prefer that you send an email to [email protected] instead of private messaging individual LIFT team members so we can keep your questions centralized and respond efficiently.