The Auction Is Open!



It’s time!

We’ve all been holding our breath, counting down to the big day, and it’s finally here! The 2016 LIFT4Autism¬†auction, raising funds for autism families struggling to pay medical and therapy costs, is LIVE!!! The prizes are AMAZING!!! You’ll see when you start looking through the list, but just to tempt you: Kristen Ashley, J. Daniels, Sylvain Reynard, S.C. Stephens, K. Bromberg, Kim Holden, Jay Crownover, Penelope Ward, Vi Kreeland, J. Redmerski, Colleen Hoover – and so many more! Plus: Amazon Echo, Kindle Fires, Kindle Paperwhite, book-themed goodies! Amazing authors and prizes. All for families on the spectrum in need! Let the bidding begin!

Enter the auction here!

Official 2016 Lift Campaign Shirts!

The shirts are here! The shirts are here!

Did you miss out on last year’s Lift Campaign T-shirt? Don’t worry – we’re back…and even better! This year’s shirt features a dual logo–2016 in the front and a salute to authors, bloggers and readers working together on the back! Six styles with prices ranging from $20 to $30. All proceeds benefit Talk About Curing Autism. The ordering time begins now, and orders must be placed by April 7th for shipping!

Check out the styles HERE and order directly from TeeSpring – our T-shirt partner!

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